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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence, sometimes referred to as Intimate violence, is defined as physically or emotionally harmful acts between spouses, or other individuals in personal relationships. Non-Intimate violence is a category that is used for any other family members.

In addition to actual physical harm domestic violence can include emotional or verbal mistreatment, denial of financial access, restraint, sexual coercion, threats or intimidation.

The majority of victims of domestic violence are women, however statics prove that in many circumstances men may also be victims.

It is difficult to measure the actual extent of the problem as many cases of abuse are not officially reported and documented! Never-the-less personal surveys indicate a much greater prevalence of cases than reports indicate. And, as a general rule, it is possible to attribute domestic violence to specific social and cultural conditions: between the age of 18 and 30; unemployment, low income or low job satisfaction; violent family history; sexual problems; and alcohol or substance abuse.

    Psycho-educational group therapy for male, female and same sex individuals, in both English and Spanish, are provided at Tampa and Riverview.
  • This program is State Certified and Court approved
    Level 1 - Psycho-Educational
  • For individuals that appear to have an isolated incident of domestic violence with limited power and control issues.
    16 weekly sessions - Meets Hillsborough County standards

  • Level 2 - Psycho-Educational
  • For individuals who have problems with domestic violence, power and control issues.
    29 weekly sessions - meets State standards

  • Level 3 - Psycho-Educational including Therapy
  • For individuals who meet one or more of the following:
    Use of a weapon, infliction of severe injuries, intent to do permanent damage i.e. strangulation.
    Violent criminal history.
    Serious mental health disorder.
    Increase of violence despite previous group completion.
    Multiple violations of an IFP.
    False imprisonment.
    Sexual violence, serious history of victimization, bizarre or sadistic behavior.
    29 to 52 weekly sessions depending on individualized treatment plan - Meets Hillsborough County standards

  • Victim Group Therapy
  • Designed with goals for-self empowerment, autonomy and self-sufficiency, including training in safety awareness for themselves as well as their children.
    Up to 26 weekly sessions