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Intensive Parenting

The Intensive Parenting Program is designed to deal with child abuse and/or neglect issues, and addresses both general emotional, anger, and stress management skills, as well as traditional parenting abilities.

The program includes sections on identifying and dealing with Attention Deficit Disorder, and behaviorally and emotionally challenged children.
The program provides guidance on how to identify personal emotional, anger, and stress patterns, and to recognize what family patterns should be changed in order to have a healthy functioning family unit.

The Intensive Parenting Program is designed to allow participants to progress at their own pace as they deal with their individual parenting issues and concerns.
Participants may sign up utilizing a referral source or attend on a voluntary basis.

    Program Objectives
  • Comprehend the nature of emotional, anger, and stress management.
  • Identify each individual’s emotional, anger, and stress patterns.
  • Understand how maladaptive emotional, anger, and stress management affects children and the whole family.
  • Demonstrate effective emotional, anger, and stress management skills
  • Exhibit the use of non-violent parenting and discipline techniques.
  • Recognize the nature of abusive and/or neglectful behavior, drug abuse, and domestic violence and its effect on children and other family members.
  • Complete an age appropriate discipline plan for their children.
  • Understand how to deal with special issues of children including Attention Deficit Hyper-disorder, conduct disorders, mental health problems, and parallel parenting.
    Each Participant Must
  • Attend up to 16, 1 1/2 hour weekly sessions
  • Demonstrate their understanding of the newly learned parenting skills to deal with emotional, anger, and stress management
  • Provide an adaptive plan on how to deal with future parenting issues